Toilet Seal Repair

I don’t know anyone who likes to work on toilets. I don’t like to. But I do like saving money when I can, so work on a toilet I did. My Thetford Aqua Magic IV had a leaky blade seal. It wasn’t too bad. When we were out camping the bowl would hold water well enough. But parked in the driveway, it would all leak out in a day or so. The seal was dried out and beyond saving by the end of the winter storage season. I did a little research and found it was a fairly simple fix. Read More

Our First RV

mallard_truckI grew up camping. I didn’t know the terms ‘back-country’ or ‘primitive’. That’s what they call it nowadays. Back then, we would put everything in a boat, go to the far shore of the lake where there was no one and nothing civilized within sight and pitch a tent or two. Campfires for cooking, blankets hung over a rope strung around three or four trees with a hole dug in the middle. Life was good. Later we modernized and got a Coleman cookstove that used liquid fuel (also good for getting the campfire started in a hurry).

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