Tag line Update

I know I haven’t had many updates, not nearly so many as I planned to. Hopefully, that will change in the coming weeks. My original intent was to follow our journey from the time we decided to become full-timers and then into retirement as we explored the country and started our 30-year vacation. The preparation was more hectic than I anticipated (good thing we started early) and the closer we got to our target date, the more the pace increased. The last three months were a constant whirlwind. Once I finally hit the retirement date, finishing business in town, packing and settling into the motorhome and then hitting the road was non-stop. 

We headed off on our maiden voyage to visit family 1,000 miles away.  We are hoping by next week to slow the pace a bit and play catch up on so many things (I had to start a list) and maybe in two or three more weeks start feeling really retired.

Which brings us to the change in the tagline. It has been “On the road to retirement” to document the process. Now it will be “On the road in retirement” to record the adventures. Yes, I will be doing some back posting. Who knows, maybe our adventures and misadventures will help someone else decide to take the plunge and enjoy the free-wheeling life of the full-time RVer.