Toilet repair

I don’t know anyone who likes to work on toilets. I don’t like to. But I do like saving money when I can, so work on a toilet I did. My Thetford Aqua Magic IV had a leaky blade seal. It wasn’t too bad. When we were out camping the bowl would hold water well enough. But parked in the driveway, it would all leak out in a day or so. The seal was dried out and beyond saving by the end of the winter storage season. I did a little research and found it was a fairly simple fix.

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Plumbing Lesson Forgotten

Years ago we lived in a house that had galvanized pipes for the plumbing. Every time the water was shut off and later restored we would have to clean the aerators on the faucets because they would get clogged with flakes. But we have lived in houses with PVC plumbing for a while and that lesson had been forgotten.

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A Tire-ing Job

I learned more about my steel liners than what I really wanted (but needed) to know. For one, I need three different sized sockets to remove a wheel. One size fits the lug nuts that hold the rear liner on, one for the nuts that hold the front liners on, and one size fits the lug nuts that hold the wheels on.

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