Our first mod – More storage

When we were first moving things into our new to us motorhome we quickly realized that there was not enough storage for large pots, pans and other kitchen items. The space we wanted to redo had two doors under the propane cooktop. One side was a door with two slide out drawers/shelves and the other was a slide out with a false cabinet door the held the garbage can.

We weren’t too excited about storing anything in the cabinet right next to the garbage and the slides left a lot of unusable space. It was a fairly easy process, remove all the slides, the center stile and take the door off the garbage slide. The only real carpenter skills  needed were to change the door from a drawer front into hinged door. It left us with a lot more useable storage.

Everything was screwed into place. That made disassembly easier. These slides are the kind that when you pull them out, there is a lever on each side, press one up, the other down and you can fully remove the the drawer.

 The false door was screwed to the part that made it a slide for the trash compartment. I removed the screws and gently pried what little glue there was holding it.

With the drawers out of the way, next came the slides themselves.

With the slides removed, now the space was empty.

I now had a scrap pile. Too bad I didn’t know another Tiffin owner at the time, someone might have been interested in all this.

Here’s what the storage looked like after the mod. Not shown in the pictures is that I came back and took out that center stile. It was held in with pocket screws and a drop of glue. That made it much easier to put large items into the space. There is plenty of room now for a large skillet, crock pot, single burner induction cooktop and other various pots and pans.

There were a few battle scars in the cabinet and on the back of the cabinet door from all the screw removal. But a little wood putty and stain can take care of those pretty quick. And after all, it’s a pots and pan cabinet. And it looks great closed.

All in all, an easy mod. The only tool I didn’t have for it was the Forstner bit. That bit drills a hole that is round with a flat bottom that the hinge sits in. As long as you are good enough to drill exactly 1/8 inch from the edge of the door, you can do this type of mod.